Fratarica Waterfalls

Fratarica stream, which flows into Koritnica at Log Pod Mangrtom, has created a number of wonderful waterfalls of all shapes and sizes on its way from below the mighty Loška Stena wall. Take a walk upstream and discover these wonders of nature that hide in the lovely forest below the majestic walls in the narrow gorge. Be careful – the path is very demanding in some places! For the adrenaline junkies: canyoning is possible on Fratarica stream as well!

Attention: Some of the paths are difficult and there is danger of falling rocks. Be careful and procede on your own risk. Be aware of your own capabilities, stop and turn around, if you know you won't be able to go further. Better safe, than sorry.


Starting point:
Turn right at the end of Log Pod Mangrtom just before a bridge over Predelica. A rough dirt road descends slightly and turns right. After about 200 meters it takes you to a wide space by Koritnica where you park (a footpath from the village itself is on the right side).

Take a look at Loška Stena wall on the other side of Koritnica and you will immediately see into which gorge you are headed. Cross Koritnica (there is no bridge), go around a meadow on the right past a lonesome house and seek out a stream. A marked path starts to ascend above it (on the right bank). It is well traced and orientation should not cause any problems. Paths towards water pools and gorges of Fratarica stream below you start to branch off soon on your right side. The first fascinating waterfall is Dvojna Latvica, which can be seen falling down into a pretty water pool from the main path. The walls around Fratarica become more imposing above Dvojna Latvica. Find a steep footpath that leads underneath the incredible Katedrala waterfall. Magnificent overhanging walls surround you and a 15- meter waterfall falls between them. Amazing! Although the path to the water pool is short, it is very difficult, not secured and slippery. Even a rope will not be redundant!

Carry on upwards from Katedrala to Parabola waterfall. You first set your eyes onto this almost 50-meters high waterfall from a marvelous viewpoint. It instantly becomes clear where the name comes from. The water falls into a small pool, which is very inviting. If you wish to go down to the pool, you have to cross an extremely steep and slippery ground, which is not appropriate for anybody once more. The terrain around the waterfall constantly changes and crumbles; consequently, this descent might be even more demanding at the time of your visit.

The path moves away from Fratarica stream above Parabola waterfall. You ascend through a pleasant forest to an open terrain where the riverbed splits in two. On the left side you spot towering 200-meter walls across which waterfalls flow only when it rains heavily. Nevertheless, you head to the right (facing upstream). At first, you jump over small delightful water pools and boulders until you come under a lovely 10-meter waterfall above giant rocks. There are some more waterfalls above this one, but only very skilled mountaineers can access them. The slope is very steep and crumbly – keep in mind that the descent is going to be much harder than the ascent! You rise up on the right side of the waterfall through some kind of a gorge and then a bit higher up start to cross to the left. You will first notice a beautiful waterfall with an even more spectacular water pool. A stunning rock amphitheater is slightly above it and Veliki Drsnik waterfall falls into it in several stages. It is supposed to be more than a 100 meters high! The mountain ambience is truly sensational!

A fabulous and lonesome trip. You return down along the same way.

Basic info:
Duration: at least 3 h
Length : 4 km
Altitude difference: 270 m
Type of path: very demanding partially marked path.


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