Svinjak is an imposing hill above Bovec, which splits the Bovec basin into Soča and Koritnica valley. Due to its pyramid shape it is also called the 'Matterhorn of Bovec'. The ascent to the summit is quite steep, especially in the upper part. Although the path is not particularly exposed, it is still not suitable for people with vertigo, because the view literally drops down to Soča river. In nice weather the view is simply stunning.

Starting point:
Kal-Koritnica village is the first village on the road 'Bovec – Trenta'. There are a few parking spaces on the left side of the main road (near a bar).

You will see first signposts for Svinjak already at the parking lot. Go straight (northwards) through the village. At the end of the village a path ascends past a meadow (close the gates!) and turns right at the top of it. The path is well visible and marked at all times. The path to Čelo (where the remains of cannon positions from the 1st World War are) branches off after about 25 minutes of walking. Go straight on this crossroad and visit Čelo during the descent. The path to Svinjak is constantly steep and gives little chance to rest. Most of the path runs in the pleasant shade of trees, whereas the last 350 altitude meters run along the sunny top 'ridge'. The last section is very steep, the path is narrow and slippery when the ground is wet. Be careful! A miniature 'Aljaž tower' (like the one on the top of Mt. Triglav) marks the summit of Svinjak.

Descend on the same way to approximately 780 altitude meters; then follow a well visible (but unmarked) path by the edge of precipitous walls on your right. Keep on the ridge throughout and come to the cannon positions at Čelo. The remains of the 'Soča front' from the 1st world war remind us of the bloody history of this area. Take a look at a 200 m long trench and proceed downwards by an information board. Soon you merge with the path on which you ascended and return to the starting point.

Highest point/summit: 
Svinjak: 1653 m 

Kal-Koritnica - Svinjak: 3 h
Svinjak - Kal-Koritnica: 2 h
Total: 5 h

3 - Most of the route is technically easy, but in the top section the steepness increases and we have to climb over a few short passages. The path below the summit is also slightly exposed - not appropriate for people with vertigo! Be careful especially if the ground is wet!

Type of path:
Marked path - Just a short part of the descent past Čelo is not marked.


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