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Mangart is Slovenia’s fourth highest mountain and is very popular during the summer months due to its convenient access. Namely, the Mangart road (Slovenia’s highest road) takes you above 2000 altitude meters just below Mangart's rocky summit pyramid. There are two routes running across it: the Slovene route is rather demanding, but the Italian is somewhat easier. This is a relatively short tour onto a majestic mountain with a magnificent view.

Starting point: 
Mangart saddle: on the road 'Bovec - Predel border crossing' turn right onto a marked road towards Mangart saddle (just before Predel). The road has a fee (5 eur); it is narrow and takes you right to the foothill of Mangart at 2050 altitude meters. Park at the highest point of the road.

At the highest point of the road look for a path that crosses a grassy slope in the direction of Mangart. Follow the path to a marked crossroads (there is a writing on a rock) where the Slovene route turns to the right and the Italian to the left. Only people used to steel cables and very exposed passages should take the Slovene route. It follows an evident 'ravine', which ascends diagonally across Mangart’s west wall. The path offers some exposed sections right at the entrance to the wall, but the toughest parts await you a bit higher. The terrain is quite crumbly in some places, so be careful not to set off stones. Follow the markings throughout and arrive to the summit without greater orientation difficulties. There is a wooden cross at the top.

The summit is located exactly on the border between Slovenia and Italy and boasts with views unlike any other.

Descent: East from the summit you should find some faded markings which take you to the east. The path descends on the Slovene side at first and after about 20 minutes turns left and enters Italy at a marked crossroad (to the right or straight on you would go towards Mt. Jalovec). The Italian path is easy most of the time, but it does have some passages secured with steel cables, which are not very exposed. Go around Mangart on its north side and then merge with the path of your ascent. Return back to Mangart saddle along it.

Highest point/summit:
Mangart or Mangrt: 2679 m

Mangart saddle - Mangart (Slovene route): 2 h
Mangart - Mangart saddle (Italian route): 1.45 h
Total: 4 h

5 - The Slovene route to Mangart is a secured climbing route (via ferrata). There are quite a few exposed sections which require concentration and a sure step. It is intended for skilled mountaineers. We recommend the use of a via-ferrata safety set; a helmet is a necessary part of the equipment anyway. The Italian route is much easier and does not have any exposed parts (our difficulty level is 3). All less experienced mountaineers/hikers should ascend and descend along the Italian route.

Type of path: marked path


Climbing on Mangart (2679m) Mirko Potočnik
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