Predelica Waterfalls

Predelica creek flows from Predel pass towards Log Pod Mangartom and it is extremely hard to access. Without ropes and other technical gear you can only come closer at three spots - in the upper, middle and lower section. The entire area is very wild and crumbling in some places, so extra caution is needed. One of the biggest landslides in Slovenia greatly changed the middle and lower section of the stream in the year 2000. Treat yourself to canyoning for an adrenaline rush and visit all the hidden waterfalls of Predelica.

Attention: Some of the paths are difficult and there is danger of falling rocks. Be careful and procede on your own risk. Be aware of your own capabilities, stop and turn around, if you know you won't be able to go further. Better safe, than sorry.


Starting point: 
Parking lot 1: (to see the waterfalls in the upper section of Predelica): On the road 'Bovec - Predel pass' a marked road towards Mangart saddle branches off to the right, just before Predel. Park here by the road. 
Parking lot 3: (to see the waterfalls in the lower section of Predelica): If you go from Bovec towards Predel pass, park in Log Pod Mangartom village. There is a neat parking lot just behind a bridge over Predelica. 

You can get close to Predelica (or Predilnica) at three spots, which all have different starting points.

Upper section (below Predel pass, Parking lot 1) 
Look for a marked path on the main road towards Predel pass (just a few meters from where the road towards Mangart saddle branches off). The path descends to the left. After 10 minutes on a gentle slope, you come to a wooden marking stake directing you to the left towards 'Smaragdno Oko' (= emerald eye). Soon you come to the stream with numerous gorgeous water pools and little waterfalls. In summer these are very inviting for a swim in the ice-cold emerald water. You see straight away that it is impossible to continue downstream, so go up along the river-bed. The ground is flatter here and shortly after a few jumps over rocks, you come to a confluence of two small streams. Go left there and before long you will be surrounded by towering walls. Reach the end of the gorge along the river-bed; there you will see the 50 meters high Predel waterfall. Although there is little water in the summer, it is worth seeing it and going for a cold refreshing shower. Return to the before mentioned confluence. Find a footpath on the left bank, turn right and you will come back to the path you know already. Go back to the starting point on it. There is a beautiful view on the waterfalls of Mangart stream from the bridge just by the parking lot as well. Some more hidden and hardly accessible waterfalls are nearby, but we should leave those to the explorers of the lonesome wilderness.

Middle section (above the village of Strmec): Half way between the village of Strmec and the cross-road towards Mangart saddle you will spot a small wooden signpost for 'Slap Zaročenca'. There are a few small parking spots by the road nearby. The path descends below the main road and leads you to the confluence of Mangartski potok and Predelica streams. Stream bed is often dry and you can already spot the Zaročenca waterfall in front of you. Path is quite easy and the waterfall is really nice. Nearby you can also visit the wild canyon of Mangrtski potok. Path is difficult and there is danger of falling rocks!

Lower section (above Log Pod Mangartom, Parking lot 3): 
Look for concrete stairs at the lower side of the bridge (right by the parking lot). Go under the bridge on these stairs. Cross the river bed and walk upstream through an obstacle of the water current (build here after the avalanche in 2000). Jump over the rocks and the gorge soon begins to narrow and towering walls surround you. You come to the remains of an old dam where a lot of caution and a sure step are needed for crossing. The terrain is steep and doesn't offer many handholds. Even a rope might be useful (this crossing would deserve a difficulty rate 5!). Continue jumping over the boulders and observe the partly crumbling river banks above you - be careful! After about 45 minutes of walking (or jumping), you reach a place where steep walls close the gorge from three sides. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia (at least in my opinion) falls over these walls - it is called Poševni slap (Oblique waterfall). Water has carved its way into the fascinating rock blocks and it falls into an emerald water pool over a 20-meter wall. The power of the water is incredible and it constantly changes the entire area. At the time of your visit it may be different yet again and perhaps more (or less) dangerous as far as falling rocks are concerned. Return back the same way. 

Basic info:
Duration: each part around  2 h
Length: each part around 3.5 km
Altitude difference: each part around 100 m
Type of path: demanding unmarked path


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