Boka Waterfall

Boka is the mightiest waterfall in Slovenia. Although it is not the highest one with its 106 altitude meters, but none other can compare with it in width or flow. During the rainy seasons and when the snow on Mt. Kanin is melting, Boka is truly magnificent and almost frightening! The jets of water are a bit thinner in the summer drought, which enables the more skillful visitors to rise through the river bed right under the waterfall wall. 

Starting point: 
Park at Penzion Boka guesthouse on the main road 'Kobarid – Bovec' slightly behind Žaga village (coming from Kobarid). 

Walk straight down the main road to a bridge, from where you can already see Boka in the distance. It is surrounded by towering walls and lush forests. You can approach the waterfall in 2 different ways:

1. Viewpoint: Start ascending on a clear path on the left side of the bridge (the right river bank of Boka). It is pretty steep but technically not demanding. The path is ascending throughout and comes close to a precipitous wall from time to time, so be careful if you have children with you! Views towards the waterfall open up and get more and more beautiful the higher you get. Amazing 'rocky' ambiance will surely captivate you. After about 45 minutes of walking you come to an abandoned alpine meadow where the path turns right and – 'Woooow'! You have come to a fantastic viewpoint where you see the waterfall practically from above. There are wild rocks everywhere around and the view on Bovec basin is also spectacular. You are standing on the edge of a steep wall – be careful! (see gpx, ascend + descend: 1 hour and a half).

2. Through the river-bed: When there is little water, you can go up directly through or by the side of the Boka river-bed from the bridge on the main road. At first the path is easy (on the right bank), but later you have to jump over rocks, which can be rather difficult. Only for the very skilled ones! (ascend + descent: 2 hours).


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