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Kanin is the only Slovenian ski resort with skiing terrains at the altitude of over 2000 meters. Highland atmosphere is truly unique since we are skiing right next to vertical rocks and are enjoying the views like nowhere else. Kanin’s ski slopes are linked with Italian Sella Nevea. Besides the additional ski slopes this link gives the resort exceptional diversity of terrain and snow conditions. The Bovec (South) side is generously exposed to sun whereas the Italian (North) side is slightly more shaded and tends to have more snow.

How to get there:

  • Bovec: The cable-car start pracitcally in Bovec
  • Sella Nevea pass in Italy: We drive from Bovec across the Predel pass into Italy, turn left after the Rablej lake and ascend on the pass. If we are coming from the Gorenjska side we drive through Kranjska Gora towards Rateče and ahead towards Tarvisio in Italy. In Tarvisio we turn left towards Bovec and then follow the signs for Sella Nevea. From Bovec as well as from Kranjska Gora we reach Sella Nevea by car in approximately 45 minutes.
Ski resort description:
Kanin-Sella Nevea has incredibly diverse ski slopes where every skier will find something for himself. The South (Slovenian) side has a particularly sunny position whereas on the shadier Italian side the snow stays unaffected longer. Most slopes are of medium difficulty but there are some terrains for beginners too. Kanin offers plenty of options for all off-piste skiing fans. In case you don’t know the terrain well, we recommend hiring a guide since there are many sinkholes and open deep caves if you go off-piste. Its highland location, rock towers around which we ski and incredible views of the Julian Alps on both sides of the border give Kanin a special lure. For Kanin-Sella Nevea ski resort a single ticket is valid and the resort is accessible from both the Slovenian and the Italian side. For accessing the resort from the Slovenian side (Bovec) serves a long cable-car.

They offer:
- ski equipment rental
- ski school
- hiring a guide for off-piste skiing
- free-skiing and snowboarding workshops
- cafes
- a snow bar
- kindergarden on snow.
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