Attractions in Log pod Mangartom

Attractions in Log pod Mangartom (3)

The parish church of St. Stefan stands by the road through the village. The first cornerstone was laid as early as 1755. The biggest attractions are the ceiling paintings, created in the Baroque style by painter Ivan Grohar and Gothic Madonna plastic dating from around 1490.

The Štoln mine tunnel is located near the fire station. It was made in 1905 to drain water from a lead mine in Rablje, Italy. The tunnel is 4.8 km long and was strategically important as it allowed the safe flow of troops and equipment to the Isonzo Front. The mine was closed in 1991. At the renovated entrance to the shaft, an exhibition was organized in 2005 with a historical display and a locomotive used during the operation of the mine.

The cemetery is located along the main road behind the village cemetery. In the cemetery are buried Austro-Hungarian soldiers, killed in the battles at Rombon and Čukla. In the middle of the cemetery is a monument with the image of a Bosnian and Austrian soldier. The tombs are separated by iron crosses and Islamic tombstones.